Our Exterior Options

Pop Up Roof Tent - $1,500

Make your camping and overlanding adventures more comfortable and convenient with this roof top pop up tent.  This tent is attached to your roof rack (separate purchase) and rides on your trailer in a hard case.  The tent easily pops open with shock assisted arms and stays securely open once fully extended.  It closes easily via snap straps.

  • The closed dimensions are: 84″ x 49″ x 13″
  • Weighs 100 lbs
  • Bungee net roof storage area with side pouches
  • Inner and outer zippers for easy closure.
  • Memory foam mattress preinstalled in the unit
  • Ladder and extra storage bag

The Roof Top Tent is an excellent way to add space to your trailer.

XL Back Galley Door - $825

With this purchase you will receive the door that is hinged on the left and handle on the right. You will also receive the back storage area that is 10.5″ deep and comes down 24.5″ from the ceiling.  This will allow you to have a  21″ bottom pass through area.  This is great packing pop up tents, coolers, fishing rods, camping chairs etc.

If you prefer to have the back galley door fully closed off, please let us know.

  • 48″x40″ large back galley door
  • 24.5″ tall by 10.5″ deep back storage area
  • 21″ tall bottom pass through area to main cabin

Air Conditioners and rear window can not be added to an order with an XL Back Galley Door

6.5' x 8.2' Awning - $620

The 6.5′ x 8.2′ awning is a great addition to your lightweight camper trailer.  Relax in the shade and read a book under the awning or have the ability to prepair food out of the rain.

  • Protect your camping gear from the sun and rain
  • Awning storage cover made from pvc lined polyester
  • Waterproof and uv protected
100 Watt Solar Package - $650

A 100 watt solar panel is the perfect addition to your off-grid, small camper set up!  Help insure that your 12v battery won’t run out of juice with this upgrade.

  • 100 Watt Solar Panel

  • 30-Amp LCD Display Solar Charge Controller with Battery Temperature Sensor.
  • Kit will provide on average 350 Watt Hours (Wh) or 33 Amp hours of charge per day (depends on sunlight availability).
  • PWM Solar Charge Controller has user adjustable settings!
  • LCD Screen shows system amperage, voltage, amp-hours, temperature and DC load draw.
  • 1100 Watt 12V Power Inverter with Dual  110V AC Outlets

Extra Side Door - $470

No one likes to have to crawl over their partner to get out of the camper.  A second side door eliminates the issue.  Make loading and unloading your travel trailer easier with a second side door.

  • Locking entry door w/keys
  • Opening, screened window
  • Second side door will be mounted to the driver side

 * Doors can be either white or black.

Back Cargo Unit - $495

The back cargo unit is the perfect place to store food prep items, camping essentials, and other small items.  No lightweight travel trailer is complete without one.

Cargo door is 36″W x 24″H

Interior depth: 14″

Interior width: 5′

Comes with 1 keyed lock and 1 latch

In the interior, there is 17.25″ from the trailer floor up to the bottom of the back cargo unit.  This provides floor space under the back cargo unit.

  • Rear door opens up vertically
  • Provides storage that can be utilized as a prep space
  • Additional area to store your goods
  • Can add a shelf for additional cost 
Lock 'N' Roll Hitch - $475

The articulating Lock ‘N’ Roll® trailer hitch is the safest, easiest to use, most versatile on road, off road hitch on the market. Utilizing 3 axis’ of movement including 360 degrees of rotation and a unique locking mechanism, Lock ‘N’ Roll Trailer Hitches are smoother operating and safer than any other type of hitch.  We also provide the vehicle side that slides directly into a 2” tube.  

The Lock-N-Roll hitch is rated at:

  • 11,000 pounds gross trailer weight
  • 1100 pounds tongue weight
  • Fits 2″ tube
  • The coupler is made with strong, alloy steel
  • The Channel is ASTM A572 Grade 50
  • Coupling shaft is heat-treated 4340 chrome-nickle-molybdenum alloy steel
  • Bolt is high strength alloy made by Bowmalloy
  • All units exceed the requirement of SAE standard J684 and are tested by independent labs

Awning Room Attachment - $385

When you are out and about with your lightweight travel trailer, keep the bugs at bay with an awning room* that attaches directly to your 6.5′ x 6.5′ awning.

  • Heavy duty, polyethylene waterproof floor
  • Exterior walls are made from 300D Oxford Polyester, outer UV treated
  • Cross flow ventilated mesh roof
  • Midge-proof mesh side panels
  • Heavy duty nylon hooks for awning pole attachment,
  • High mounted cable access ports and cable guides for lighting solutions

Accessories include:

  • Nylon stuff sack for storage
  • 2 guy ropes
  • 6 pegs
  • Internal mesh pocket organizer

* Awning does NOT come with awning room purchase.  The 6.5’x  6.5′ awning is purchased seperatly.

T-REX Rear Jacks - $330

Each jack has a weight capacity of 2,500 pounds.

The total combined jack capability is 5,000 pounds.

Rear Window - $275

Adding a rear window to your little travel trailer allows you to take in the sights from almost any direction.  This is an exciting feature that has a big impact while you are in the trailer. 

Roof Rack - $220

Sometimes you just need a little more storage space for your small camper set up.  This heavy duty roof rack upgrade allows you to carry even more camping essentials on top of your lightweight travel trailer.

  • Designed with heavy duty guage steel for commercial use
  • Haul your kayaks, cargo carrier or bycicles on top of your travel trailer
Underbody LightKit - $220

Give your travel trailer some serious attitude.  The under body light kit is:

  • Easy to use
  • Controled from your phone to set your lighting effect
  • Color changing
  • Add to any travel trailer model
Spare 15" Travel Trailer Tire - $200

Avoid travel delays with the convenience of a cary on, spare travel trailer tire.

  • Mounted to front of travel trailer
  • No compromise on handling or ride quality
  • Travel with peace of mind
  • 15″ white spoke travel trailer tire and wheel.
  • Tire Size: 205/75R15
  • Load Range: C
  • Tire Weight Rating: 1820 Lbs.
  • Max. Pressure: 50 PSI
  • Bolt Configuration: 5 Lug 4.5″ Center
15" Black Extreme Wheels - $110

Upgrade the wheels on your Outbound Extreme Travel Trailer to black wheels for $100.  This price incudes both wheels being upgraded to black.


    Spare 12" Travel Trailer Tire - $170

    Avoid travel delays with the convenience of a cary on, spare travel trailer tire.

    • Mounted to travel trailer
    • No compromise on handling or ride quality
    • Travel with peace of mind
    • 12″ white spoke travel trailer tire and wheel.
    • Tire Size: 530-12
    • Load Range: C
    • Tire Weight Rating: 1050 Lbs.
    • Max. Pressure: 80 PSI
    • Bolt Configuration: 5 Lug 4.5″ Center
    Rear Hitch - $200

    The rear hitch upgrade insures you can haul all the gear you need with your little travel trailer.

    STANDARD FIT. This rear hitch receiver tube features industry-standard inside dimensions, able to accept virtually any 2-inch x 2-inch shank, including a trailer hitch ball mount, tow hook or other receiver hitch accessories.

    HIGH-STRENGTH. This receiver tube is constructed from quality steel to offer dependable strength.

    REINFORCED COLLAR. To maximize strength at the opening, this hitch tube receiver is fitted with a 1/2-inch reinforcement collar.

    Front Cargo Rack - $200

    Add the convenience of extra external storage to this lightweight camper with a front cargo rack.

    • Heavy duty all-steel square tube construction
    • Powder coat finish prevents rust and corrosion
    • Side rails secure cargo
    Underbody LightKit - $220

    Want to change the entire look of your small travel trailer?  Get your diamond plate powder coated!  The coating can be done on:

    • Diamond Plate Fenders
    • Front Diamond Plate
    • Side Diamond Plate
    • The coating fee will include the diamond plate fenders, the front diamond plate add on and side diamond plate add on if your order includes these items.
    Front Diamond Plate - $110

    Add some serious style to your little travel trailer!  The side diamond plate runs the length of the trailer on both sides.

    • 6″ tall

    *Can be powder coated with purchase of fender powder coating.

    Step Plate (set of 4) - $90

    The step plates come standard on the T-REX but they can be added to an Outbound and Extreme Model travel trailer.

    Gain access to your roof rack with ease.  These step plates will help you easily load kayaks, luggage carriers,  and other items on to the roof of your litte travel trailer. 

      Rear Support Jacks - $80

      Stabilizing jacks help keep your lightweight travel trailer steady on uneven terrain.

      • Folding design lets you flip jack up for travel and down for use
      • Sturdy steel construction
      • Handle included with pair of stabilizer jacks
      • Black painted finish
      • Adjustable from 11-1/2″ to 17-3/4″ vertical height
      • Lift capacity per jack: 650 lbs
      • Support capacity per jack: 1000 lbs.
      Exterior Solar Lights - $55

      Wanting a little extra light at night oustide of your small RV?  These handy solar lights can be placed at the front of the travel trailer and by the door on the passenger side.

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